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1. Terms and conditions:
Welcome. These are our terms and conditions for use of OnlySans, San, Sann, Sanntrades, OnlySans, OS, OnSa, EatStreet Discord, or any variation of the above. The official DBA is OnlySans. By purchasing OnlySans, you agree that your own actions are no more or less than your own actions and have nothing to do with anyone including San or our companies, affiliates, DBAs or LLCs.  None of what is provided for cost or for free thru these companies or affiliates is Financial Advice.  If you have questions about terms or conditions, please contact

2. Refund/Cancellation Policy:

All sales are final with a no refund policy.  That said, we do want to make this a pleasant service for all users. Please contact San to voice your feedback.  All feedback is highly appreciated! We aim to improve how the group runs everyday.

3. Shipping & Fulfillment Policy:

All orders are shipped electronically and should be filled within 24 hours (usually much sooner).  Please contact @sanntrades on Twitter if you require faster assistance.

4. OnlySans is NOT investment advice. OnlySans is NOT an investment club nor financial institution. OnlySans does NOT trade your money. OnlySans is like any other newsletter or any other educational or entertainment value magazine or newspaper. The content is provided for all to see, but we are not your investment advisors or securities brokers. All information provided is strictly for informational and educational purposes without regard to your individual investment goals, financial circumstances, investment knowledge, and abilities.  

5. OnlySans has nothing to do with any other company or website. The name and logo are merely parody that has no affiliation to any other company or website.  

6. Onlysans and/or San represents no other company, institution, person, or group other than it and/or he himself.

7. Privacy Policy:

Your information may be collected when you visit this website.  Your information collected during checkout or purchase will not be used for any marketing purposes and will be secured via this sites Payments and Accounts provider utilized by this site. Any device information is not used by OnlySans and OnlySans will not sell or release your private information under any circumstances.  

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